Relaxed headshots at the Reigate Networking Picnic

Over the summer I was determined to go to as many networking events as I could fit in to my busy wedding-filled schedule. At one of the Reigate learning lunches I was lucky enough to meet Suzy and David Ross. They are husband and wife and both self employed in different professions (Suzy is an illustrator and David creates websites and does all things digital marketing). They told me that they were organising a networking picnic which sounded to me like it would be so much more fun than other, more traditional, networking groups. I offered to shoot some relaxed headshots while we were there.

Relaxed headshots

It was a lovely sunny day in Reigate and we were all sat on picnic blankets in the shade of one of the huge trees in Priory Park. Everyone was having a chat and getting to know each other and it was a lovely, friendly group. I think the three who had requested headshots were all a bit apprehensive about it, but once I had taken them away from the group, chatted with them and got to know them a bit better they were definitely feeling more relaxed.

I had found a spot in advance where the light looked lovely so I took them there one by one. I’m aware that people get a bit nervous being in front of the camera (I know I do!) which is why I focus on relaxed headshots rather than anything too formal.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to offer more headshot sessions like this in the future, I’m planning a day of headshots in the new year so watch this space! Please get in touch if you would like to be kept informed about my headshot days in future.

I’m Nikki van der Molen and I am a creative photographer based in Redhill in Surrey. I shoot relaxed headshots and branding photography for self employed freelancers, small business owners, entrepreneurs and influencers across Surrey, London and the rest of the South East. Check out my headshots portfolio page here, and if you would like to chat with me about a possible project together then please get in touch via my contact page.

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