Relaxed headshots in Surrey

I had a lovely time a couple of months ago shooting some relaxed, informal headshots and business portraits for Amy Krishnaswamy. We went to a local coffee place I know of called The Old Post in Nutfield. I chose this location because of the lovely natural light, neutral decor and because it has a beautiful shaded outside area which I thought would be perfect for photos. We were so lucky with the weather, it was perfect! Gorgeous warm sunshine was flooding in through the windows while we took some portraits inside, and then we were able to move outside and get some lovely shots on a shady bench by the flowers.

Amy has multiple strings to her bow. She’s what Emma Gannon would call a “Multi-Hyphenate” and I loved hearing about her different careers. She is a software consultant for most of the working week, but she also has a side-hustle selling dancing shoes, specifically for the Argentinian Tango. She wore a pair of electric blue heels to her headshot session and I could tell they are the kind of shoes that would make you feel invincible (and awesome on the dancefloor!). She is also studying Gemology and works in a jewellers one day per week. I imagine it must be tricky juggling all the different areas of her work, but what a varied and fascinating way to live. Talking to her made me want to start another side-hustle (before I remembered that this business keeps me quite busy enough!).


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Take a look below at a few of the photos we ended up with on the day. If you are looking for a Surrey headshot photographer and you want a relaxed and informal look for your business portraits then please do get in touch with me via my contact page for a quote and to book in a date.