Relaxed engagement shoot at Black Park

Sarah and Glenn’s relaxed engagement shoot in the wilderness

[I]’d never been to Black Park before Sarah and Glenn’s relaxed engagement shoot there back in May. It’s a fantastic place! Enormous with lots of winding paths and hidden beauty off the beaten track. We were feeling adventurous and plunged into the wilderness and found some truly wonderful wooded areas, so perfect for an engagement shoot!

Glenn was telling me as we were walking around that he really didn’t know what to expect from the engagement shoot at all. I’m so glad they decided to do one. I feel like I know them both a bit better now, and hopefully they will feel more comfortable with me at their wedding now that they have spent some time with me and practiced being in front of the camera. This is what makes doing an engagement shoot such a good idea. Plus you get some great photos of the two of you together!

Sarah was looking awesome and super-stylish in a red tea dress, leather jacket, black choker and thick rimmed black glasses. I can’t wait to see what she wears on her wedding day next month!

Laid back wedding photography in Surrey

Sarah and Glenn are getting married in August at Great Fosters in Egham, Surrey and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be amazing. These two are so relaxed, I imagine their wedding will be totally chilled out and fun. Exactly my kind of wedding!

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