Quirky wedding at Brooklands Museum with tiny pony

I’m not sure where to start with this unique and quirky wedding at Brooklands Museum – it. was. awesome. Do you like vintage style? Do you like Colin the Caterpillar cakes? Perhaps you also like tiny ponies? Read on.

A lesson in doing your wedding your own way

So many people that I speak to end up doing certain things at their wedding because they feel like they should. They feel like they are meant to have lots of readings and songs during their wedding, so they do. Brides feel they should spend hundreds on a wedding dress, so they do. They feel that they should have speeches, or a first dance, so they do. This wedding wasn’t like that at all. Frankie and Jaffa were keen to do their wedding completely their own way.

Frankie and Jaffa got married at Brooklands Museum, a unique and interesting wedding venue in Surrey. In Frankie’s own words, she felt that the wedding ceremony itself would be ‘arguably the most boring part of the day’. She wanted a simple ceremony, without feeling the need for readings, and then to get on to the more fun things afterwards.

Frankie wore a gorgeous vintage-style wedding dress that she had bought from ASOS and she looked incredible. She walked down the aisle to the Poirot theme tune as she is a huge fan and has the tattoos to prove it. I’ve seen her bookshelf and it’s a vast collection of Agatha Christie. One of her friends had even managed to get her a video message from David Suchet that morning congratulating her on her wedding!

They decided against having a formal sit down meal with a seating plan, instead opting for a buffet-style barbecue meal with everyone sitting wherever they liked. They didn’t have any speeches as it just wasn’t something they felt they wanted.

Instead of dancing and a party, Frankie and Jaffa opted for relaxed drinks in the bar area with their Colin the Caterpillar wedding cakes and some surprise visitors outside…

Tiny Tony the Pony

I was privy to the surprise they had planned ahead of this quirky wedding at Brooklands Museum, and I was SO EXCITED about it. Frankie had arranged a visit from Tiny Tony, a friendly 2ft tall pony who loved greeting all the guests and posing for photos. He also came with some friends, a couple of Pomeranian dogs and the most chilled out cat I have ever witnessed in my life. They were all so friendly and sociable, clearly loving all the attention they were getting from the guests. It was a brilliant idea and made the day (and the photos!) totally unique.

As a big fan of animals myself, I love it when people bring pets (or invite tiny horses) to their wedding. The only danger is I might end up getting more photos of the animals than the humans!

Quirky wedding at Brooklands Museum

Brooklands museum is in itself a quirky wedding venue, so any weddings that take place there would end up feeling quite unique. However I think Frankie and Jaffa managed to add several more quirks of their own! If you are looking for a wedding venue in Surrey that is offering something really different, I would highly recommend taking a look at Brooklands.

There are a few location options for your ceremony depending on how many guests you have coming. There is even the option to get married on the Concorde if that floats your boat. All your guests are free to explore the museum while you are having your photos taken, or they can just relax in the members bar with a drink and a few canapés. The wedding breakfast can be as formal or as relaxed as you like, and then the room can be quickly changed around for dancing if you decide that’s what you want to do.

I’ve shot several weddings at Brooklands museum over the past few years, you can see a couple more on my blog HERE and HERE.

If you are looking for a creative wedding photographer for your own quirky wedding at Brooklands Museum, please do get in touch via my contact page.