honest and creative personal branding photography

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Honest and creative personal branding photography

Portrait of a calligrapher - small business portrait - london personal branding photographer

This is photography for hardworking, creative and driven business owners who want to become more visible as the face of their brand, and feel confident about it too!


You know that deep down people want to buy from, or work with, other human beings. It's hard to feel a strong connection to a faceless brand. By letting your guard down and showing people the real and authentic you, you allow more genuine connections into your life and your business.

Connecting with your ideal clients on a real and personal level is the best thing you can do for yourself and your business.

A branding shoot is more than just a series of headshots. Together we can create storytelling images that show the heart and soul of your business. That can be anything from your day-to-day activities, to your products, your creative process and what you can provide for your clients. You want to provide a genuine insight to your business.

Let's take a little look around...

"Nikki is an absolute pro, putting you at ease and knowing exactly what to do to get the best poses, light and vibe. I'm delighted with the photos I chose and so proud to use them on my website and social media."


Amy K


If you like the look of my photos and think that they might fit in well with your business then I would love to discuss a personal branding shoot with you.


For more information about the process and the pricing you can click the button below to head to the information page. There's a contact form at the bottom of the page for if you would like to go ahead with a shoot - exciting!


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