a few of my branding faves

Flat lay photograph of laptop with some calligraphy and a coffee


A few of my branding faves

Here is a collection of my favourite personal branding photography images. When I am doing a personal branding shoot, I aim to get a diverse range of photos for you to keep your social media feeds looking interesting and your website images fresh. As part of your shoot we will do a few headshots and a few environmental portraits - these can be of you at work, but they could also be you with your family, you having coffee with a friend, you doing your daily yoga practice, etc. Anything that you would want to share as part of your brand and the possibilities are endless!


I like to do some behind-the-scenes type photos of you at work, to give your audience and your clients a little glimpse into your world. I also like to get some product photos (if indeed you sell products), some still life photos/flat lays of your tools, or any of your possessions that form part of your brand; e.g. your cool, geeky glasses or your massive coffee mug. Anything that shows something about you!


Although I mainly do personal branding photography shoots in London and Surrey I am happy to travel further across the UK or even abroad to get the photos that you need for your brand. Take a look at my favourite photos below and if you like the style please do get in touch to arrange a call.



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