Personal branding photography in Surrey for a business coach

This shoot was a full day of personal branding photography in Surrey for a business coach. Deana Murfitt is the owner of a Surrey-based coaching company called Breakfast People. She knows that people want to work with people rather than a faceless brand, so she is keen to show more of herself in her branding. She felt that she needed some good quality images for her new website and to promote projects that she has coming up in the future.

Personal branding photography in Surrey

In advance of the shoot day, Deana and I spoke in detail about her business, her goals and what she hoped to achieve from her personal branding shoot. She wanted the photos to reflect a few different ideas:

  • That she has a relaxed and informal style of coaching;
  • That she is not stuffy or super-polished, but still professional;
  • The feeling of things developing from organised chaos; and
  • That a coaching session can happen anywhere and doesn’t have to be at a desk.

I worked with her before the shoot to put together a totally bespoke shoot day which would provide her with the type of images she needs for her business. We established that she would need the following:

  • Photos of her running an informal group coaching session or workshop;
  • Photos of her doing some one-on-one coaching;
  • Headshots of Deana;
  • A few bespoke stock photos or flatlays;
  • Photos of her coaching one-on-one or in a group in a more corporate setting; and
  • Photos of her coaching someone while out walking their dogs.

The shoot day

We ended up shooting in three different locations on the day of the Surrey personal branding photography shoot. We started at a location that I had found for the group coaching part of the day, the Inspired Collective in Cheam. It’s a small room in the back of a beautiful gift shop, and it was just perfect for the look we needed. Deana and I brought plenty of plants, books and other props to load up the shelving units, and she also brought her laptop and some branded Breakfast People merchandise so we could set her up with a desk.

We arranged a family workshop with two couples, and Deana ran a short coaching session with them while I took photos. We managed to get some headshots and some other bespoke stock photography while we were there as well.

After that we then made our way over to Regus in Redhill, a co-working space where we had hired a meeting room. This was for the more corporate-looking images that Deana needed for an upcoming project.

Finally the last location was Kenley Airfield where Deana often walks her dog. It was a full day of shooting and we were both exhausted by the end, but it was also a brilliant day and we got exactly what we wanted from it.

Surrey personal branding photography

If you run a small business or work for yourself and feel that you would benefit from a personal branding shoot then do get in touch via my contact page. I do personal branding photography in Surrey, London and across the country, so if you would like to learn more then we can arrange a chat.

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