London personal branding photography for a business owner

This shoot was a half day London personal branding photography session for a small business owner. Mike Clare is the owner of Vet Runner Ltd, a company that provides business support to vets who are running their own practices. He had realised that one of the main benefits to clients of working with Vet Runner is the bespoke and in-person service that they get directly from him. You don’t get such a personalised experience with bigger faceless companies, so he wants to make that a focus-point for his marketing. He wanted a personal branding photography shoot so that he would have photos for his website and for future blogs and marketing.

London personal branding photography

Mike and I had chatted ahead of the shoot day. We had spoken in depth about his business, where he wanted his business to go and what he needed from his personal branding photography shoot. We wanted the photos to show the following:

  • Not a particularly corporate feel, more informal but still professional;
  • Authenticity and honesty; and
  • A focus on teamwork and the ethos of “we’re in this together”.

I researched venues and from talking with Mike about what he needed I managed to put together a completely bespoke personal branding shoot schedule in London. We had decided that Mike needed the following from his London personal branding photography shoot:

  • Photos in a meeting room – meeting with clients, running some training, etc;
  • Mike chatting with clients over a video link;
  • Photos of him meeting with clients in a relaxed setting like a cafe or bar;
  • Headshots of Mike; and
  • Mike working alone in a cafe.

The shoot day

Even though we only had half a day for the shoot, we ended up shooting in 3 separate locations. We crammed a lot into a short amount of time! We started at a co-working space in Shoreditch where I had hired a meeting room. There we got photos of Mike working at a desk, chatting with clients via a video link, training them and working together with them. The meeting room was perfect for a not-too-corporate looking meeting and had plenty of natural light which was great for the photos.

We then made our way to The Jones Family Project, a bar in Shoreditch where we could get some photos of a more informal meeting setting. Then we headed to our final location, Old Street Records, a favourite photo shoot location of mine and got some headshots of Mike on the street along the way.

We managed to get a variety of photos that Mike will be able to use across his website and on social media. The relaxed style of working, focus on teamwork and friendly interactions was reflected in the photos and it was a fun and successful day.

Personal branding photographer

If you run a small business or work for yourself and feel that you would benefit from a personal branding shoot then do get in touch via my contact page. I do personal branding photography in London, Surrey and across the country, so if you would like to learn more then we can arrange a chat.

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