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It seems very odd now that we’re in the winter months to be going back over photos from when the weather was hotter than I can remember it being in this country for a long time! This engagement shoot at home took place on one of those days this past summer when it was just too hot to do anything. But we didn’t let that stop us!

Emily and Dom had read my engagement shoot blog post and had been inspired by one of my ideas to have their engagement shoot at home. They really love their home (and so they should – it’s beautiful!) so it seemed like the perfect place. We agreed that I would pop over to their South London house one Friday morning in August for the shoot, before they headed off for a weekend camping trip with their friends.

It was hot. REALLY hot. But we had regular breaks from shooting to take turns standing in front of the fan flapping our clothes around to cool down! They didn’t even complain when I made them snuggle up together in the scorching heat, now that’s true love.

Engagement shoot at home

I think having your engagement shoot at home is a brilliant idea. As long as you have plenty of natural light in one or more of the rooms in your house, it will look lovely. Emily and Dom have a gorgeous kitchen with big French doors opening out into the garden and also a skylight in the ceiling, so the light in there was just beautiful.

Your home also tends to be where you are most relaxed and feel like yourself, so it can help with the engagement shoot nerves! I can imagine you reminiscing over old photos of you in your home in years to come, remembering the pictures you had on your walls and the bits and bobs you had on your shelves. It’s a snapshot of your life which will be a wonderful memento in the future.

Emily and Dom’s shoot

At Emily and Dom’s engagement shoot at home we made use of the kitchen and garden for most of the photos and also took some in the living room too. They had photos on the wall from all of their alphabet dating adventures (something that I think is a great idea if you want to get a bit more inventive with your dates!). Their home is so full of personality, from the chalkboard counting down the days to their wedding day, to the Parks and Recreation quote I found on one of their shelves.

Dom had bought some Mr and Mrs balloons as a surprise for Emily. Luckily we managed to get a photo of them before one of them escaped into the sky. As well as the posed photos, I had also suggested they do an activity such as making breakfast together. This was honestly so that I could get some documentary photos of them hanging out together, and not just a sly ploy to get free food. They decided to make banana pancakes and kindly made me some as well. Fair warning: this has raised the bar for future engagement shoots and I now expect to be fed banana pancakes or something equally delicious.

I’m Nikki van der Molen and I am a creative wedding photographer in London. I love doing engagement shoots (or other couple shoots – you don’t need to be engaged!) in and around London. You can have an engagement shoot at home or you can choose another London location. Get in touch via my contact page to arrange a shoot.

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