This beautiful and reasonably-priced album is an awesome alternative to the Fine Art Album.  The Linen Artbook is sized at 10″x10″ and includes 15 spreads full of your favourite photos from your wedding day.  

The photos are printed onto gorgeous matte photo paper, which has a soft and sumptuous feel and gives deep and crisp colours.  The Artbooks are made from single sheets printed on a large format printer, and then carefully folded and bound by hand. 

The linen cover is available in a variety of colours, and there are two options for personalisation.  The basic price for this album is £320, however some of the options listed may cost slightly more, as indicated below.

Album Cover Options

There are a few different styles of linen and colours to choose from as you can see below.  Scroll down to see all the options, you can click on them to take a closer look!

Natural/LUX Linen

Natural linen is made with natural duo tone threads and has a semi-rough feel.  LUX linen is a single thread and a single colour with a smooth feel.

Premium Pastels

Beautiful handloomed linen fabrics which have a pleasant yet quite textured surface.

Colibri Linen

Beautiful smooth linen with a gentle silk sheen.

Personalisation Options

Embossing is a process of stamping the fabric with letter blocks at great pressure and temperature.  The font is Sans Sarif and it is 1cm high.  This is available in clear, white or gold colour.

Laser etching is done by using a focussed laser beam which burns into the fabric.  The final effect depends on the fabric type.  This process is only recommended for the Calibri Linen.

Imprinting is a process of bonding a special foil with the fabric.  It’s similar to golden embossing but it doesn’t dent the cover and is flat.  This is available in gold, silver, white or black. Imprinting is only available on linen fabrics.

Optional Additions

If you find that 15 spreads is just not enough to contain as many images as you would like, you do have the option to add additional spreads. These will cost £25 per additional spread above the 15 that are included.

Smaller duplicate albums can also be ordered. Please enquire for more details and prices.