Fun North London pre-wedding shoot with giant balloons

[S]o this was a fabulous North London pre-wedding shoot.  Hampstead Heath with giant balloons, what fun!

We were lucky with the weather too, barely any rain and occasional glimpses of bright sunshine on a Sunday in early March – this is unheard of in London!  We did manage to get ourselves slightly lost, and considering that all we were looking for was an area with grass, on Hampstead Heath, it was quite a feat that we struggled to find this by ourselves.  I like to think that the woodland was fooling us into walking in circles like in the Blair Witch Project, but in reality I think it was probably just three people lacking in any sense of direction whatsoever.

Anyway, if I was going to get lost in the woods with any couple, I’m glad it was Hazel and Danny.  They are such fun to be around!  We share a similar sense of humour which helps, but these guys are a truly warm and wonderful couple and when I met them I instantly knew I wanted to shoot their wedding in July.  I can’t wait!

Here’s a selection of the photos we took that day.


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