Fun family portrait photography in Kent woodland

An adventure in the woods

My friends Elliot and Lorna got in touch with me when I advertised on Facebook that I was doing a special offer on family portrait photography sessions in February and March this year. I really enjoy sessions like this because the kids always make me laugh with their unpredictability and thirst for fun, and this one was especially good because I hadn’t seen these guys in so long.  I hadn’t even met Robin yet, the newest addition to the family!

We decided to go for a wander in the woods near to where they live, and I was so glad we did because it really is a beautiful place and we barely saw a single other person there the whole time.  There was so much scope for adventure; places for the kids to hide, pine cones to collect and mounds to jump off; I think they could have been exploring there all day. I loved getting the group photos as well because I know how rare it is for a young family to get photos with everyone in them! I hope that I’ve given Elliot and Lorna some lovely memories to keep framed on their wall.

Family portrait photography

I really love doing family portrait sessions so if you would be interested in booking one with me then please get in touch!  You can see my portfolio here and if you like what you see then go on ahead and send me a message.