If you are looking for a truly stunning, lay-flat album to show off your images to their full potential, then you have certainly come to the right place!

This beautiful 10″x 10″ Fine Art Album contains 15 spreads where you can display your most favourite images from your wedding day on luxurious 220gsm Art Cotton paper.  Lovingly hand-bound in the UK, there is a wonderful array of cover and personalisation options to choose from.

Your album will arrive to you in a natural cotton bag within a craft cardboard box (which boasts excellent eco-credentials!) covered in a lovely tree design.  This album starts at £545, however some of the options listed may cost slightly more, as indicated below.

I wouldn't recommend letting your cat walk on it...


Album Cover Options

There is a an exceedingly wide array of cover materials and colours to choose from.  Whether your preference is for bold colours or subtle shades, there should be something here that’s just perfect for you!  Scroll down to see all the options, you can click on them to take a closer look.


Contemporary Leather



Essential Cotton



Pastel Fabric



Bold Fabric



Personalisation Options

The next step is to choose how you would like your album to be personalised on the front cover.  You have a few options:

Printing – You can choose to have your names printed on the front on your album with either black or white ink.  There are a range of fonts that you can choose from as indicated in the photo below.

Debossing – Your names are imprinted in the centre of the front cover in uppercase text.  You can choose from two fonts; Helvetica or Coronation.  You can have two lines of text with a maximum of 19 characters per line.

Engraving – Using a highly accurate laser (think James Bond/Austin Powers) your names are digitally engraved onto the front cover.  This works by removing the top layer of the material, revealing the natural hues of the material underneath.  You can choose from the same list of fonts below, and again, you can have two lines of text with a maximum of 19 characters per line.



Optional additions

If you find that 15 spreads is just not enough to contain as many images as you would like, you do have the option to add more pages.  These will cost £20 per additional spread.

To make your album look even more luxurious, you can choose to have your names printed in metallic foil, or even 22 carat gold!  To have your names stamped on the front in metallic foil will cost an additional £15, or if you have chosen a leather cover you can have your names in 22 carat gold for an additional £38.


If you would like to order any mini duplicate albums, perhaps as presents for your loved ones to keep, then that can be arranged.  They are 6″ x 6″ exact duplicates of the main album and are priced at £160.  You can pick from any of the cover options above except for the contemporary leather, and you can choose between printing or engraving for the front cover text.  They will be printed on 200gsm Art White paper.