Sunny engagement shoot in Crystal Palace park ~ Debbie + John

Engagement shoot

[W]hen Debbie and John suggested Crystal Palace Park for their engagement shoot I thought it was a great idea.  Parks are always lovely and there is generally loads of different places you can find to take fun and creative photos, but little did I know how fantastic this park was going to be. There are dinosaurs!!  Not real ones of course, that could have lead to a Jurassic-Park-style disaster, but they were still great for some background interest.  There are also a couple of ponds, lots of beautiful walkways and flights of stone stairs and some beautiful looking archways.  It’s the perfect park for a photo shoot!  It was also made all the more personal because Debbie and John used to live just down the road and had visited the park on quite a few occasions.  I would definitely recommend this park for anyone looking for an excellent place to have a picnic and a stroll on a sunny day, I intend to return in the summertime to do just that.

Surrey wedding

Debbie and John are getting married in June at the wonderfully unique and quirky Surrey wedding venue, Brooklands Museum.  I’m so excited about this wedding, it’s a brilliant venue and I can’t wait to take the photos.  It’s going to be so much fun!