Destination wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico ~ Kari + Jonny


[D]estination wedding photography has been a dream for me since I started shooting weddings several years ago, but has always been slightly beyond my reach.  Until now!  Flying over to Mexico to shoot Jonny and Kari’s relaxed beach wedding was fantastic adventure from start to finish.

Jonny and Kari had officially married 3 years earlier, but had always planned on throwing a huge celebration party in Mexico.  So that’s exactly what they did, and seriously, this party was EPIC.

The Wedding Day

The day started with the bride and groom getting ready in the resort we were all staying in, the Occidental Xcaret resort in Riviera Maya.  What an amazing place!  We then all jumped in a minibus and made our way to the beach.  On the beautiful Playa del Carmen, in a stunning setting, Jonny and Kari had an emotional wedding blessing conducted by their friends as the sun slowly went down around us.  There was just enough time to get the group shots before we were in complete darkness!

The reception took place at the Blue Venado beach club.  All the guests were seated at long tables and the bride and groom seated at their own private table at the front.

Of course the dancing kicked off with Jonny and Kari hitting the dance floor for their first dance.  This was then followed by an emotional moment when Kari danced with her father, and they were joined by her lovely sister too.  After that, the bridal party and other guests all flooded the dance floor.  There was a lot of impressive salsa-style moves going on from the Mexican guests which put us awkward English dancers to shame!

Once the party really got started there really was no way to know what would happen next.  One minute there was a big inflatable cow on the dance floor handing out light-up glasses and headbands, next there was a man wearing a green mask (think Jim Carrey in The Mask) who was encouraging guests to limbo!  A mariachi band ended the evening with a fantastic and authentic Mexican performance.  What an amazing and crazy night!

This was such an exciting wedding to be a part of and I’m so pleased that Jonny and Kari chose me to capture it all for them, it was an incredible experience.  It all went by far too fast!!

Destination wedding photography

I’m very keen to do more destination wedding photography in the future, so if you are thinking of getting married somewhere far away and exciting then please get in touch.  I’ll be willing to give you a special price if your destination is on my dream travel list!