My favourite creative business podcasts

For such a long time I resisted getting into podcasts. I have no idea why! I dismissed them as “not for me”. I’m a book person, an internet person, a netflix person. I thought, what is so special about podcasts? Why would I want to listen to creative business podcasts when I could be actually working on my business? Well, I’ll tell you.

Creative business podcasts

Now I know I’m WAY late to the party here but – podcasts are BRILLIANT. You can listen to them while you’re out walking, while you’re on the train, while you clean the house, I listen while I’m editing photos too. I love them!

There are plenty of non-businessy podcasts too of course, but I like feeling as if I’m just absorbing helpful business information as I listen. I feel like I learn so much without putting in too much effort, and then anything that particularly intrigues me I can go off and research for myself. Not only do these creative business podcasts teach me a lot about how to run my business (and they really do!) they teach me a lot of other things as well.

Business and life advice

For a start, they show me that I’m not alone. I’m running a business by myself, working from home most of the time with no one to talk to but the cat (and despite being noisy she is not much of a conversationalist). It is so easy to feel like you are the only one who finds this running-a-business-malarkey a bit difficult. Social media would lead you to believe that everyone else out there is hustling, living their best lives in a beautifully curated home, with 3 perfect children, loads of glamorous friends, a rigorous exercise routine and fresh flowers everyday. All while running a successful multi 6-figure business.

These podcasters are honest about the worries they have, the mistakes they have made, the down days and the days they wanted to just give up and it makes me realise that everyone goes through these things. I also listen when they tell their tales of success and it inspires me to think that I can do the same. The authenticity of these podcasters, and their desire to share their knowledge and help others, draws me in.

These podcasts give solid gold advice and priceless tips on marketing, budgeting, sales, advertising as well as many other skills you need to run a business effectively. I’ve often come away from listening to a podcast with a to-do list for the next day!

1) Hashtag Authentic

First on my list (which is in no particular order) is Hashtag Authentic, a business podcast by Sara Tasker. This is the one that started me off on my creative business podcast journey. The first episode I listened to was an interview with Fiona Humberstone, The Brand Stylist. I was hooked immediately. There was so much helpful information, it made me look at my branding and website in a totally different way. Suddenly I was working my way through the entire Hashtag Authentic back catalogue and loving it all!

I found Sara on Instagram, she’s something of an Insta-expert. Her podcast is about running a business or a blog online, how to grow your audience and make it a success. But it is also about life. Slow living, creativity, family, mental health, money, travel, comparison. I’ve heard all these topics and more be discussed by Sara and her creative guests. Sara interviews business owners, authors, creatives, bloggers and influencers who are all making a success of their businesses online. The interviews are generally packed with lots of practical business and online advice, as well as a lot of life advice.

Sara’s calming voice as well as her knowledge, wisdom and straight talking make this one of my favourite go-to creative business podcasts.

2) How to Curate Your Life

This next creative business podcast is called How to Curate your Life and comes from Lizzie Evans who runs a lifestyle store in Islington called SMUG. I haven’t visited the store yet, although I’ve seen it many times on Instagram Stories and know that it will be dangerous for my credit card when I finally get there. It’s full of gorgeous stationery, plants, homewares and lots of other LOVELY THINGS.

Lizzie’s podcast is about the amount of work involved in running a creative business and how it has that pesky tendency of taking over your life. Lizzie interviews other creatives and also hosts solo shows all about curating your life in order to achieve that elusive ‘work-life balance’. There’s lots of chat about business and creativity, as well as about health, mindfulness, boundaries and much more.

3) The One Girl Band Podcast

This business podcast, called The One Girl Band Podcast, is by Lola Hoad. I think I first heard about Lola when she was interviewed on How to Curate Your Life. She is a business coach and has her own podcast, as well as running an all-female co-working space and creative community down in Brighton called One Girl Band. Lola sounds like the most down-to-earth, clever, funny, grounded and honest type of person. She comes across as a fountain of wisdom and creative business knowledge.

The One Girl Band podcast is meant to be a little pep talk for female entrepreneurs who work for and by themselves. Lola says on her website that her podcast is meant to ‘help and support you on your self-employed journey’; and I’m pleased to say that for me it does just that. Lola has been on her own journey with her career but also with her mental health, and she is extremely open about that. She speaks from experience in the hope that it will encourage others to put their physical and mental health before ‘the hustle’. She is a huge advocate of the phrase ‘busy doesn’t equal success’, she believes that the hustle culture is dangerous and that work-life balance should be the ultimate aim. Many of her podcast episodes are quite short 10-15 minute pep talks, and sometimes they are longer interview episodes.

4) The Janet Murray Show

Janet Murray’s creative business podcast is all about marketing and is perhaps the podcast out of all of the ones I have mentioned which gives the most practical advice. On many occasions I have listened to this podcast and have been able to action the points straight away, or at least develop a strategy for using her advice in the future.

Again, Janet sometimes interviews other creative business owners and sometimes does the podcast by herself, but there is always a strong marketing focus. So if you are looking to learn some tactics for getting more people onto your website, growing your email list or increasing engagement on your social media posts then this is the podcast to listen to. And with over 300 episodes you’re unlikely to run out of listening material for a little while!

5) Ctrl Alt Delete

If you have researched creative business podcasts at all, you are bound to have heard of Emma Gannon’s award winning podcast, Ctrl Alt Delete. She has interviewed so many incredible and inspiring people from within the creative industries. She’s a great interviewer, very likeable, very straight-talking. In her podcast, Emma talks to her guests about their relationship with the internet. This can cover all sorts of topics including work and creativity, but also feminism, identity, careers and mental health, among others.

This podcast is another one with an extensive back catalogue, and if you scroll through there is bound to be several names you recognise. You can pick and choose the interviews with people who you have heard of and interested in. However I would also encourage you to listen to the interviews with people you have never heard of. You will often learn something new or find someone whose work inspires you.

Podcasts for photographers

I was only planning to list 5 podcasts here, but I thought I would also add on a couple of extras which are specifically about running a photography business. First up is the PhotoBixX podcast, which is by Andrew Hellmich. Each week Andrew interviews a photographer, or someone with a link to the photography industry, who is doing something interesting with their business. I have been listening to this podcast for a couple of years now and I have made several positive changes to my business because of the advice given here.

The other photography business podcast I would recommend is Shoot Edit Chat Repeat which is by Vicki Knights and Eddie Judd. While this is also a podcast filled with helpful advice and information from Vicki and Eddie, as well as their photographer guests, it also feels like a big, warm hug of a podcast. The chat is so fun and lighthearted, you feel like you’re just having a coffee with a couple of good pals. It’s lovely and very informative too. I went to a live recording of this recently and it was fabulous.

More podcasts

I have many more podcasts I could recommend, and I also have a list of podcasts I haven’t yet tried but will do soon. Do you have any to add to the list? Let me know!

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