Cigdem and Ben’s First Wedding

[Y]es that’s right, FIRST wedding. They are having a bigger wedding bash in March, but this was their official ceremony. Sooo…. YAY! Two weddings!

This day was wonderful and intimate. Just Cigdem and Ben, two of their close friends as witnesses, and little old me with my camera. The ceremony took place in the registry office at Hammersmith Town Hall, and Cigdem looked absolutely stunning in her tea dress style wedding dress.

My favourite photo of this couple during their wedding ceremony is when they can’t stop themselves laughing at the friendly registrar’s repeated mispronunciation of Ben’s surname. It’s funny moments like that which make a wedding beautiful, and are worth remembering.

After the ceremony we took a little walk across the road into the Furnival Gardens, a beautiful little green space right next to the Thames with lovely views of Hammersmith Bridge in the background. We took some gorgeous photos there and on Dove Pier.

I can’t wait to take photos for Cigdem and Ben at their wedding celebration in March, I have a feeling it’s going to be a fun one!


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