Gorgeous family photography session in Epsom, Surrey

[I] always enjoy family portrait sessions, I love capturing the special moments and facial expressions on the kids faces when they are having a fun time with their parents.  

This one was particularly fabulous though, because it was with Sian, one of my best friends, her husband-to-be Tom and their gorgeous 6-month old boy Rufus.  I picked Horton Country Park in Epsom, Surrey for the shoot, I hadn’t been there before but I’ll definitely go again because it’s such a beautiful place.  It was particularly pretty as it was the first week of October and the leaves were turning wonderful shades of orange and yellow, creating a lovely warm feeling for the photos.  

I was looking forward to this shoot because Sian had told me ahead of time that Rufus liked having his photo taken.  I was not disappointed, he demonstrated a wide range of emotions in his expressions and had clearly been working on his ‘Blue Steel’ pose.  I think they may have a mini model-in-the-making on their hands.

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