So you want to know a bit about me?  That's understandable, I'm going to be spending all day with you on one of the most important days of your life, you'll want to make sure you like me!  Here are a few of bits and bobs about me:

I'm currently living in Redhill in Surrey, with my boyfriend Mark and our cat Penny.  She's a little weirdo but we love her.

When I'm not shooting weddings I love exploring London and browsing vintage markets for trinkets and treasures for my house.

My new year's resolution was to start swing dancing again - it's my favourite thing!

I like nothing more than having a huge lunch in a cosy pub after a long walk - it's my other favourite thing.

I like watching videos of cute animals online, particularly goats wearing jumpers and skipping around happily.

I also love videos of sloths doing anything at all.  Soooo slooowwwwww.

I'm a Harry Potter geek - this would be my mastermind topic.  Ask me anything!

I love historical novels and possess a weird amount of knowledge about the Tudors.

I make lists for everything.  Lists, lists, lists.

If you want to know a bit more about me as a wedding photographer and what you can expect then please head on over to my information page.


Now you know about me, take a little look at my wedding work!