So you want to know a bit about me?  That's understandable, I'm going to be spending all day with you on one of the most important days of your life, you'll want to make sure you like me!  Well, here goes...

Things I love, pictured below and in no particular order:

Teddy, my parents' dog (all dogs really) • Harry Potter - I'm a real geek and this would be my mastermind topic. • Penny, our cat. She loves to sit on my notebooks, on my mousemat, in boxes, in bags, on top of doors. And she loves to climb. • Peely paint on doors • BOOKS. Send any good recommendations my way! • Penny when she makes a nest in the bed covers • Mark, my favourite person

Holidays • rare cuddles with the cat • old fashioned book shops, they're becoming so rare! • Gemma Correll's cartoons about being an introverted self-employed person always remind me of me • Hanging out with my brother • Cute illustrations • Cats paws are THE BEST • Chocomel (and other Dutch treats)

Obsessing over the step counter on my phone (who needs a fitbit??) • Sloths. And other cute animal photos. My instagram is mainly cat videos • Red nails • Eating delicious food • Spending time with family • Cats paws again.


Now you know about me, take a little look at my wedding work!