£1,450 Full day of wedding

At least 400 professionally
edited images on a USB stick

20 5x7 inch prints in a
presentation box

Private online gallery
£1,700 Everything in package one

Second photographer
£2,150 Everything in package one

Second photographer

Fine Art Album


your questions answered

What is a "full day" of wedding photography?

Well, I would usually start with the bride while she and the bridesmaids are getting ready.  If I have a second shooter they will be with the groom.  I will then be with you all day until approximately half an hour after the first dance.  Just enough time to catch a few of your friends and relatives showing off their dodgy dance floor moves!  It generally works out at 8-10 hours of wedding photography.

Can you stay until the bitter end?

Yes of course!  I love staying until the end, that's when the most fun happens!  There would be an additional hourly charge for me to stay longer than 10 hours, so please contact me for more details.

What kind of wedding photographer are you?

I describe my photography style as natural, creative and contemporary.  I'm quite unobtrusive in my shooting style, so I don't tend to interfere too much.  I want you to be relaxed and enjoy your day so I try to encourage that in everything I do.

When will we receive our photos?

I set a deadline of 6 weeks for your photos to cover myself in case it's a really busy time. However, it is often quite a lot quicker than that.  If it ever looks like it's going to be longer then I will keep you fully informed of when you can expect them.

Do you do destination weddings?

Ooooh, yes!  I love to travel so I would love the opportunity to shoot abroad more often.  I shot a wedding in Mexico last year and loved it.  If you are thinking of travelling abroad for your wedding please contact me for a bespoke quote.  Exciting!

Do you do albums?

I do indeed. The albums I supply are called Fine Art Albums and they are beautiful and handmade in the UK. There are many personalisation options and a variety of cover materials and colours. Please contact me for more information on my albums.

Do you do pre-wedding shoots?

Absolutely!  I really recommend them and think they are a great idea.  It means you get to know me a bit better and make sure you are comfortable with me ahead of the day.  It also means you get a bit of practice in front of the camera.  You will realise that it only feels weird for the first couple of minutes, after that you will be used to it and much more relaxed.  You might even enjoy it and start posing like a rock star!  But even if you don't go that far, at least you will know what to expect on the big day.

Some people even use the photos from their pre-wedding shoot for their Save the Dates or Invitations!

Pre-wedding shoots are priced at £400 and can be anywhere within Surrey or London.  I will send you a Pinterest board with some ideas, not necessarily to copy but might give you some inspiration for what you might like.  It's likely that the pre-wedding shoot will need to be on a weekday and will usually last around 1.5 hours. Perhaps plan something fun for afterwards and make a day of it?!

Can we print our photos?

Of course!  As part of your contract with me you are granted a Royalty Free license, which means that you can print and use the photos online to your heart's content.  The only things it does not allow are commercial use of the photos, or editing of the photos (see below).  You can order prints directly via your online gallery which is really rather convenient!

Can we edit our photos?

I spend a lot of time editing your photos to make them look beautiful.  Hopefully if you are going to book me as your wedding photographer then you like my style of editing!  If you edit them yourself it means that it is no longer my own work and infringes on my copyright.  So, please don't edit the photos with a horrible FB/Instagram yellow filter.  Pretty please!

Can we share our photos on social media?

Yes please do!  I include low resolution versions on your USB for this very reason.  I would love it if you would tag me or link to my website when you share your photos.  :)

What happens if you are ill on the day?

I am very careful with regards to my health, so luckily I don't get ill too often!  Just to reassure you, I would have to be extremely unwell or injured to have to miss your wedding.  Sniffles or a stomach bug won't stop me!  However, if I really was unable to do it then I would do my very best to find a suitable replacement.  I have several photographer friends and I'm a member of a few online networks so it's likely I would be able to find someone awesome to step in and shoot your wedding.  If it ended up that there was absolutely no one who could do it then you would get all your money back.

Can we have the raw files?

No, I don't give out the RAW files.  You are paying for me to take the photos and edit them into a beautiful final product, so I do that and send you the jpegs.  The RAW files are unfinished work, you need specific software to even be able to open them, and they just don't look very nice!


If you want to chat to me a bit more about your wedding, check my availability or request a bespoke quote, please fill in my contact form.  I will get back to you quickly and perhaps we can arrange to meet for a coffee and a chat!  I'm happy to meet anywhere in Surrey or London, hopefully somewhere convenient for both of us. Alternatively we could do a Skype or Facetime chat.


If you are ready to book, please fill in my booking form here. Soon after booking I will send you an invoice for a £500 non-refundable booking fee to secure the date, and also a link to my contract for you to e-sign.

Once all that is done the fun wedding planning can start!